In order to understand Sherandis better, I wrote a brief known history of the world.

Sherandis was once a powerful kingdom, ruled by two Elvish Mage Dragon Lords, brothers by blood, they ruled with wisdom and strength. Rahal, the younger brother with his powerful companion Shera, a Black Elder Dragon, a symbol of his might and power. And the older brother Kelath, with his failtfull companion Andis, a Blue Ancient Dragon, representing his wisdom and care for the world around him. The kingdom flourished in peace and prosperity, ruled from the capital City of Na’sheria. But then darkness took over. An everlasting solar eclipse blocked the Sun. The once shining Kingdom of Sherandis turned dark and cold. In desperation, Rahal searched through and deciphered the Ancient texts. The texts revealed unimaginable power, but such power did not come without a price. Rahal got pulled into dark and ancient power of Sherandis. He betrayed his brother, and lead the army of darkness into battle. To avoid innocent people getting slathered by his brothers army, Kelath led his army to the planes of gods. There, at the most powerful place on Sherandis, the two armies would meet to decide the faith of the world. The joint army allied with the Dragons, led by Kelath, fought the Undead hordes of Rahal and his newest addition to the army, Shera, now undead, corrupted by the dark powers, more powerful than any dragon. All hope was lost when, in desperation, Kelath sacrificed himself, the lives of his soldiers, and half the world, to destroy Rahal’s army, and banish Rahal into the abyss, there to watch over him for all eternity. The remaining survivors rebuilt, and life went on. Every one hundred years, an earthquake shook the northern part of the world, making it uninhabitable for any living creature, and reminding us that evil is still out there, guarded in the Abyss, lurking from the darkness…

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