A fantasy novel that will take you to another world.

Enter the mighty world of Sherandis in this epic tale of powerful kingdoms and brave heroes, see what adventures await, and what terrors lie buried in the darkness.

The main story of Sherandis will focus on global world events of Sherandis, as well as following a party of adventurers throughout their missions all over the continents. As the story evolve I will be adding bonus content about certain locations / past events / culture, etc. Keep in mind, if you did not read the main story first, you are likely to read spoilers in the bonus content.

Tales Of Sherandis is a fantasy tale that takes place on the world of Sherandis many thousands of years after the mage war almost destroyed the planet. But every war leaves it’s scars…

Indulge yourself in an epic journey where ancient texts will be discovered, alliances reforged, heroes awoken, and the faith of the world will be decided.

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